CNS Talks

Description: This talk series is open to all Indiana University faculty and students interested in network analysis, modeling, visualization, and complex systems research. A major intent is to cross-fertilize between research done in the social and behavioral sciences, research in natural sciences such as biology or physics, but also research on Internet technologies.

Please join us for live streaming if you cannot attend in person! This link is good for all the talks at the listed time. Please note all these times are in Eastern Standard Time Zone.

| 4:00 PM | Woodburn 200

IUB Faculty

Open Science Forum: Jetstream/XDMoD Forum

IUB Faculty



We are going to continue Open Science Forums, but move to the Grand Hall of the Social Science Research Commons (Woodburn 200). We will also cancel any weeks that do not have a topic or speaker signed up. We will also be more broadly advertising it. If you would like to present during any particular week of the semester, please let me know ASAP and I will add you to the calendar. We will continue to offer web conferencing as an option for remote participation.

Unconfirmed Speakers
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